Competitive Program

The COMPETITIVE program works to prepare gymnasts for the world of competitive gymnastics.  This intense class focuses on fitness, conditioning, strength, endurance, agility, flexibility, technique, drive and focus.  There is intense focus and practice on the artistic elements of uneven bars, balance beam, floor and vault.  

This program also includes Mens Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) and Womens Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) and is designed for new and returning competitive gymnasts who have shown exceptional talent and love of gymnastics.  Conditioning plays an integral role in the competitive program.

Gymnasts at this level train 6hrs, 9 hrs or 12hrs per week and may attend competitions at other clubs.  Competition is optional.  

Female gymnasts are required to wear a bodysuit with/without tight shorts.  Male gymnasts are to wear shorts and t-shirt.  Hair must be tied back out of the face.  Please bring a water bottle.

The registration fee does not include extra costs such as meet fees, team uniforms, coach travel expenses etc. 


Session starting Wednesday Sept 16th, 2020 

Session ending Friday June 25, 2021

Training will follow the Aspen View School Division calendar unless otherwise noted - gymnasts will NOT train when there is NO SCHOOL.