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Under 18 Participant Waivers
(Membership, Birthday Parties, Drop-in, Bring a Friend & Camps)

 Adult Participant Waivers
(Membership, Parent & Tot Classess, Birthday Parties, Drop-in & Bring a Friend)

What We Offer

What We Offer

Birthday Parties 

Want to host the best flippin' party in town?  Why not have it at FLIPS!

Our trained coaches will set up circuits and courses, initiate games, and supervise free all depends on what the guest of honour prefers.

Now offering three packages:

1 hour in gym with gift opening

1.5 hour in gym with gift opening

1 hour in gym plus 1 hour in party lounge for snacks and gifts

To inquire about booking, please click here or email our administrator

Recreational Gymnastics (Ages 18 months +)

Having fun, developing fitness and acquiring fundamental fitness skills are the goals of these programs.

Disciplines offered by FLIPS include:

Active Start Preschool

CanGym (Artistic Gymnastics)

CanJump (Trampoline Gymnastics)

Gym Warrior

Home School Program (September to March)

Inclusive Programming

Adult Gymnastics 

Competitive Gymnastics (Ages 4 +)

This is a demanding discipline based upon an athlete’s precision and agility. Participants may train multiple days per week for an extended session (typically September to June) and will have the opportunity to perform at both competitive and non-competitive events.

Disciplines offered by FLIPS include:

Developmental PreCompetitive (ages 4-6)

PreCompetitive (ages 6+)

Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)

Xcel Gymnastics (women's)

Trampoline Gymnastics (TG)


Community Events

This includes drop-in classes, day camps, special events, and private bookings. FLIPS has been a partner with Aspen View School Division to provide the gymnastics component of the physical education curriculum and have developed specific training programs for sports teams. We take bookings for birthday parties and special event rentals. FLIPS offers drop-in times for preschool, during school holidays and summer, and for teen/adult boot camp.


Please Note:

All classes and events are dependent on enrolment and availability of operational funds, equipment, facility, and coaches.

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