Our Coaches

FLIPS welcomes new Head Coach, Davin Bettenson!

Davin was born in Grande Prairie.   In 1989, he started coaching full time at Ortona (International Year of the Coach) and after the 1992 Olympic Trials he briefly went to Atlanta to be part of the 1996 Olympics.  For 10 years he coached competitively in California before returning to Canada to take on the role of Head Coach in St. Albert for another 10 years.  Davin, then returned to Ortona to help introduce the JO Program.  Along with being a professional musician and amateur artist, he also enjoys SUP, MMA, Archery, off road biking and his two cats.  He is looking forward to exploring the Athabasca area.

Kayli Maton, Coach 


  • I’m in grade 11.

  • I started coaching because I’ve always loved teaching kids and Flips is a very welcoming organization in our community.

  • This is my third year working for Flips including my time as a CIT

  • My favourite part of coaching is helping kids get that one skill they’ve always wanted and pushing them to learn skills they never though they could do.

Bethannie Wagner, Coach In Training

Bethannie is 13 years old and was a FLIPS gymnast from age 4 to 12.  She completed pretty much all of the levels that were offered by FLIPS and was also part of the first very small competitive team for 2 years.  Beth loves gymnastics and even though she is no longer training in classes herself; coaching will allow her to still be involved in this sport. Beth loves kids and is excited to be part of FLIPS again.  When she isn't at the gym Beth trains three days a week for Brazilian Jiujitsu at the New Path Gym in Athabasca. 

We would like to bid farewell to Coach Bryce Semashkewich as she will be graduating this year and preparing to move on to post secondary.  All the best in your future en devours, Bryce!!