Covid-19 Policy:

Cancelled classes are not eligible for a refund.  


If the gymnastics facility needs to close for 14 days (or longer) due to a positive Covid case, members may request that a prorated credit be applied to their FLIPS account and used toward future classes.  Members will need to contact FLIPS to make this request.


Please respect that FLIPS will act in an abundance of caution and abide by all Alberta Health protocols.  Classes will likely be cancelled at times during the fall and winter sessions if our coaches experience cold or flu symptoms similar to those of Covid-19.  Make up classes will be offered whenever possible and are at FLIPS’ discretion.

Policy Created: October 6, 2020

Policy: Accident / Injury


In the case of an accident or injury, Athabasca Flips Gymnastics Club (Flips) will:

  • Attend to the sick or injured gymnast and provide first aid if required.

  • Call an ambulance if needed.

  • Report to the parent or guardian as soon as possible.

  • Report to the FLIPS President as soon as possible.

  • Complete the FLIPS Accident / Injury Report Form and provide a copy to the FLIPS President.


    Policy Revised: August 7, 2015



Policy: Bookkeeping, Accounting and Records Retention


Audit of FLIPS Books

  • The bookkeeping, accounting and records retention of the Secretary and Treasurer shall be audited once each year by a duly qualified accountant or by two Members of Athabasca Flips Gymnastics Club (FLIPS) elected for that purpose.

  • A complete and proper financial accounting statement from the previous year shall be submitted by such auditor(s) at the next scheduled AGM.

  • FLIPS accounting records must be audited by a duly qualified accountant a minimum of once every 3 years.

  • The Fiscal Year End of the Club in each calendar year shall be June 30.

  • FLIPS bookkeeping, accounting and records retention may be inspected by any Member of FLIPS at the AGM, or at any time upon giving reasonable notice of intention and upon arranging a time satisfactory to the Executive Board of Director(s) having charge of same.


An annual corporate return for a Society or Non-Profit Company must be completed and submitted to the Government of Alberta on an annual basis.


A detailed tracking and reporting system of all casino monies received and spent must be maintained as per Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission Guidelines and submitted as per their deadlines.


Policy Revised: August 7, 2015



Policy: Casino Fundraiser



  • Athabasca Flips Gymnastics Club (FLIPS) shall arrange and pay for accommodations for all FLIPS casino fundraiser volunteers.

  • A detailed map to the casino and accommodations shall be provided to all volunteers.

  • If for any reason a volunteer changes or chooses alternate accommodations, all associated expenses that result will be the responsibility of the volunteer, not FLIPS.


Travel Expenses

  • Mileage expenses to casino fundraisers will be reimbursed at $0.46 per km.  This rate will be reviewed annually during the first meeting of the FLIPS Executive Board of Directors.  Car pooling is encouraged to minimize costs and promote environmental responsibility.

  • Meal expenses will be reimbursed based on the submission of receipts only.  Alcohol and gratuities will not reimbursed.

  • No expenses other than the above mentioned will be reimbursed unless otherwise agreed upon by the FLIPS Executive Board of Directors.


Records Retention

  • All required Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission forms must be submitted within 6 weeks of the completion of a casino fundraiser.

  • A detailed tracking and reporting system of all casino monies received and spent must be maintained as per Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission Guidelines.


Policy Revised: August 7, 2015



Subject: Discipline


Athabasca Flips Gymnastics Club (FLIPS) wants to ensure each gymnast has an equal opportunity to learn and participate.  In the event a gymnast is not being respectful, not participating, is late, is being disruptive in class or is interfering with the coach, assistant coach(s) or the other gymnast(s) during class the following course of action will be taken:


1st Time: A verbal warning will be given to stop the action.


2nd Time: A verbal warning will be given and the gymnast may be asked to sit out for 5 minutes.


3rd Time: If the gymnast has not stopped the behavior they will be asked to sit out for the rest of the class.


Should the gymnast continue the behaviour in subsequent classes the coach will discuss the matter with the gymnast’s parent(s)/guardian(s) at which point it will determined if the gymnast will continue to be a member of FLIPS.


If a gymnast arrives late for class or misses the warm up exercises they will be asked to sit out for the rest of class as their body will not be adequately warmed up and able to withstand the physical demands of the class – exposing the gymnast to potential injury.


Policy Revised: August 7, 2015


Subject: Dissolution


The Athabasca Flips Gymnastics Club (FLIPS) may be dissolved only with the authorization of its Executive Board of Directors during a special meeting called for that purpose and with subsequent approval by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the active Members (status determined by Membership Committee), or upon lack of enrolment or funds required for Club operations.

Upon dissolution or other termination of FLIPS, all remaining assets of FLIPS (after payment in full of all debts, obligations, and necessary final expenses, or after making adequate provisions), shall be distributed to a tax-exempt organization(s) with purposes similar to those of FLIPS, as chosen by the existing FLIPS Executive Board of Directors.


Policy Revised: August 7, 2015



Policy: Fundraising 


The financial administration of the Athabasca Flips Gymnastics Club (FLIPS) is dependent in major part by the continual fundraising efforts of its Membership.  For each Gymnastics Session, recreational members have the option of participating in fundraising efforts.  Deposit cheques or opt-out fees will not be collected.  Competitive member fundraising options are laid out in the Competitive Handbook.  Fundraising efforts will be monitored and tracked by the Treasurer.


 Fundraising deposit fees and initiatives will be reviewed annually by FLIPS Executive Board of Directors. 


Policy Revised: August 7, 2017



Policy: Gymnast Registration, Evaluation and Withdrawal 


Gymnastics classes offered by Athabasca Flips Gymnastics Club (FLIPS) will be dependent on enrolment, availability of operational funds, availability of the facility, and availability of coaches and assistant coaches.


Gymnastics Programs

FLIPS shall provide a Recreational Gymnastics Program , Quasi Competitive Gymnastics Program, and Competitive Gymnastics Program for individuals ages 18 months and up. 


FLIPS will also provide other programs upon request or industry / community need, including but not limited to: drop in classes, adult classes, special needs classes, school curriculum programs, sport training programs, etc.


Program and class details shall be evaluated and developed annually.


Class Registration

Gymnasts may register for FLIPS sessions via online registration or during the Annual General Meeting (AGM).  Registration fee payment(s) via online payment must accompany each fully completed registration.  Alternate payment arrangements (cheque, money order, fee payment schedule, Jumpstart) can be made upon request.


The Executive Board of Directors will determine and post as public registration deadlines.  Registrations may not be accepted after the posted registration deadline.


Registration fees will be reviewed annually by the Executive Board of Directors. 


FLIPS supports community sport support programs such as, but not limited to Canadian Tire Jump Start Program, KidSport, etc.


Gymnast Evaluation

Upon completion of each FLIPS gymnastics session, each gymnast will be evaluated on their skills and provided a progress / evaluation report by the coach(s).  Gymnasts shall use this report to determine the next level in which to enroll.


Gymnast evaluations shall be conducted during the AGM and upon request in order to evaluate the skills and abilities of a recreational gymnast for proper placement within the Recreational Gymnastics Program.


If a gymnast exemplifies progress and skill beyond their registered class level the coach may recommend the gymnast be placed in a higher class level.  Fee adjustments may be required.


Gymnastics evaluations shall be held annually for invitation into the Competitive Gymnastics Program.


Class Withdrawal

Registration fees may be reimbursed upon request within the first two weeks of each session start date (prorated amount includes the remaining classes of the session minus the AGF Insurance Fee, and will be applied to the family’s online account).


FLIPS will ensure withdrawal information is forwarded to all affected parties, including coaches and the Registrar, to ensure class lists remain current.


Policy Revised: August 7, 2015


Policy: Non-sufficient Funds (NSF)

The payee of NSF (via cheque or online payment) shall be contacted by telephone as soon as the Treasurer receives notification of an outstanding account balance or a returned NSF cheque from the bank.


The individual will have 5 days from the Treasurer’s telephone call to repay the amount of the NSF as well as any other fees incurred by Athabasca Flips Gymnastics Club (FLIPS) from the NSF transaction, including interest. 


Failure to comply with these instructions will result in correspondence being forwarded to the individual requesting immediate full payment on or before the child’s next scheduled gymnastics class.  If full payment is not received FLIPS will assume the child’s parent or guardian has withdrawn their child from FLIPS and will make the appropriate adjustments to the registration system.


A gymnast(s) will not be granted enrollment into FLIPS if the parent / guardian has not re-payed all outstanding NSF related charges by the next scheduled FLIPS season.


FLIPS retains the right to refuse enrollment of a gymnast(s) should NSF related charges recur.


Policy Revised: August 7, 2015


Policy: Respect in Sport


FLIPS operates under a Respect in Sport Policy (http://www.respectinsport.com/) which advocates for a safe, fun, supportive, proactive and respectful environment for all.  Disrespectful or inappropriate behaviour, expectations, confrontation, contact or abuse of any kind will not be tolerated and will result in immediate removal from the FLIPS organization.  This applies to all members of FLIPS including coaches, assistant coaches, employees, independent contractors / agents, Executive Board Members, parents / guardians, or FLIPS event spectators.


Only in the event of a potentially unsafe situation shall a member of FLIPS approach or have physical contact with your child to ensure their safety and prevent injury.


All coaches, assistant coaches and Executive Board Members must complete Respect in Sport Certification prior to their involvement in FLIPS.


Parents / Guardians are also encouraged to obtain Respect in Sport Certification. This course can be accessed at no charge at http://www.gymcan.org/site/respect-in-sport.php.


Should you have any concerns at any time please feel free to contact a member of the Executive Board of Directors, email athabascaflips@live.ca or bring your concerns to a monthly Executive meeting.  Please refrain from voicing your concerns to the coaches.


Policy Revised: August 7, 2015


Policy: Volunteer Commitment


The success of the Athabasca Flips Gymnastics Club (FLIPS) is dependent on the volunteer commitment of its Membership.  A big thank you goes out to all the volunteers that make this club such a great organization that enables our gymnasts to have so much fun.


Recreational members are not required to complete volunteer duties and FLIPS will not collect deposit cheques.  

Competitive members are required to complete volunteer duties as laid out in Competitive Handbook.


  • Examples of Volunteer Duties per FLIPS Session:

  • Athabasca Agricultural Society Events

  • FLIPS Photo Night Assistant

  • FLIPS Fun Meet Assistant

  • Serving at Community Events

  • Raffle Ticket Distribution and Collection

  • Equipment Set Up or Take Down / Storage


    Additional volunteer duties may become available throughout the year on short notice.


    ***It is the responsibility of Member to monitor their online profile and stay informed of their upcoming volunteer duties.***


    If a volunteer is unable to make their scheduled volunteer commitment they must make all reasonable efforts to find a replacement or give at minimum 48 hours notice to the FLIPS Volunteer Director of their inability to complete their volunteer commitment.  One time only, and with adequate notice the FLIPS Volunteer Director, will efforts be made to find an alternate volunteer duty.  If less than 48 hours notice is given, on the second notice, or the volunteer is a “no show”, a $100.00 charge will be applied to the Member’s online profile and the Member’s child may be refused registration in the next FLIPS Session.

    Only in extreme emergencies shall the Volunteer Director have the discretion to provide another opportunity to fulfill one’s volunteer commitment.


    An individual that signs up for a Casino or is a member of the Executive Board of Directors is not required to sign up for other duties during the season.


    Volunteer duty sign up will be available online during class registration and during the Annual General Meeting (AGM).


    Volunteer fees will be reviewed annually by FLIPS Executive Board of Directors. 


    Policy Revised: August 7, 2017