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Xcel Team Gymnastics (Girls, over age 7)

The Xcel program believes that every girl should have the opportunity to "play the game" and be part of a team regardless of skill level. Xcel for girls is the nest step for a gymnast in the earlier stages of learning gymnastics who is interested in competing in a competition at a recreational level. The Xcel program is a gentle introduction to competitive gymnastics. It is ideal for those who have a passion for the sport and are looking for a competitive experience with minimal time commitment. This is a two semester program that follows the recreational gymnastics schedule.


Participants are encouraged to attend FLIPS mini meets (session show) to both demonstrate their progress and prepare for a competition environment.  Gymnasts at this level train 2 or 3 days per week and may attend competitions at other clubs.  Competition is optional.  

Volunteer & Fundraising Commitments:

Volunteer and fundraising deposits ($375 each per year) must be paid at the gym, either by cheque or cash, on the first day of classes or held against credit card on file.  

These deposits signal that you are committing to $375 in fundraising throughout the season, as well as 9 hours of volunteering. Cheques/cash will be returned once volunteer and fundraising duties have been fulfilled. If duties are not fulfilled by the end of session, cheques/cash will be deposited or card will be charged.

Extra Costs:

Gymnasts choosing to attend meets outside the club level are required to purchase a FLIPS competitive leotard and track suit. While the club will register athletes for events, meet fees and travel expenses are to be paid by the athlete (either directly or through Amilia account).

Competitive Program Goals are:

  • To provide the opportunity for each gymnast to reach their full potential.

  • To promote overall personal development including self-discipline, motivation, courage, dedication and good sportsmanship.

  • To follow the standards established by the Alberta Gymnastics Federation to ensure all technical and program requirements are being met.

  • To provide the opportunity for each gymnast to demonstrate and compete for Athabasca Flips

  • To have fun while learning and developing new skills. 

  • To promote team spirit among the gymnasts. Gymnasts will be expected to display enthusiasm not only for their own compliments but also for the accomplishments of the team as a whole.

  • To promote community service and giving of self.  Athletes are encouraged to participate in volunteer opportunities within the club and community (chosen and supervised by coaches, board members, and/or parents).

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