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Homeschool Gymnastics (Co-ed)

Did you know we offer an amazing gymnastics program for homeschooled children?   Why not help your children increase their fitness level and develop great social and gymnastic skills a the same time? 

This semi-structured class will be a mix of circuits, drills and free play.

All ages welcome!  Under age 4 must be directly supervised by an adult.

Volunteer & Fundraising Commitments:

Members are required to provide a $100 Volunteer commitment deposit AND a $100 Fundraising Commitment deposit at the beginning of each 3 month session. These deposits signal that you are committing to $100 in fundraising during the session, as well as 2 hours of volunteering. Cheques/cash will be returned once volunteer and fundraising duties have been fulfilled. If duties are not fulfilled by the end of session, cheques/cash will be deposited. Participants  WILL NOT be allowed on the floor until the commitment deposits have been submitted.

Registration, Waivers and PIPA:

Online registration and payment to be completed prior to class. AGF waivers (found here) are to be completed once per session (paper or electronic). Members who do not have completed waivers on file WILL NOT be allowed to participate (including caregivers and adults). Please ensure registration is complete before attending class.


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